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New Jersey Passes Law with Global Impact

New Jersey passes law with global impact as Governor Christie signs The New Jersey International Arbitration, Mediation, and Conciliation Act. The IDR appllied research work played a role.

The Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR) has a varied mission statement including :

  • Promote legislative based initiatives to promote New Jersey as a seat for international dispute resolution.
  • Foster relationships with stakeholders in government, NGOs and international organizations to promote Center goals in applied research and fieldwork studies.

To this end the IDR has seen the frutits of its labors — working on the Bill to enocourge the framework that would then promote international midiation in New Jersey.  And it has now been accomplished with the full bipartican support of the state sentors Sandra Cunningham and Tom Keane Jr.

We are so proud of our team in that we were able to contribute to this law in a posative way. It encourages us to continue forward on our current path. says Karen DeSoto

Severeal magazines have picked up on the story, of course, and Karen was asked to comment on an article by journalist Brie Austin on the same topic.

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