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Karen Desoto is Named Attorney of the Year

Karen Desoto is named Attorney of the Year at the 50th Annual Puerto Rican Heritage Festival and Parade was held on Saturday and Sunday, August 21, 2010 and August 22, 2010 at J. Owen Grundy Pier at Exchange Place. Karen Desoto is named Attorney of the Year, among  field of other honors that include Teacher of the Year, Firefighter of the Year, and others.

 Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy, the Municipal Council and the Division of Cultural Affairs proudly announced that the annual Puerto Rican Heritage Festival was a two day event being held as part of the City’s ‘Tapestry of Nations’ Ethnic Festival’ series.

Each year, the Puerto Rican Heritage and Festival Week recalls the indomitable spirit of the Puerto Rican people who continue to make significant contributions to the city, state and nation, and also serves to enhance appreciation, among us all, for precious freedom and its value in our daily lives.

Karen Desoto is Named Attorney of the Year

The Parade Committee has always sought to honor worthwhile and deserving individuals of Puerto Rican Heritage and bestowed the following honors upon these fine upstanding citizens:

Grand Marshall, Johnny Lozada; Honorary Grand Marshall, Freeholder Eliu Rivera; Puerto Rican Woman of the Year, Wanda Rios; Puerto Rican Man of the Year, Joshua Rodriguez; Local Godmother, Sonia Araujo; Local Godfather, Ben Lopez; Educator of the Year, Dr. Anna Villafane; Honorary Man of the Year, U.S. Senator Robert Menendez; Honorary Woman of the Year, Cindy Vero; Green Leadership Award, Oren Dabney; Humanitarian Award, Denise Jefferson; Firefighter of the Year, Gerard Vega; Police Officer of the Year, Michael Camacho; Sheriff Officer of the Year, Osbado Hernandez; Correction Officer of the Year, Herminio Sanchez; EMT of the Year, Julio Rivera; Ambassador of the Year, Daisy Martinez; Attorney of the Year, Karen DeSoto; Teacher of the Year, Jerusalyn Figueroa; Businesswoman of the Year, Erika Pacheco; International Godmother, Laura Posada; International Godfather, Jorge Ramos; Student of the Year, Alberto Rivera; Little Miss Puerto Rico, Sierra Rose Dobles; Princess, Armani Treasure Lee Silva; Condesa, Chrissalina Colon; Junior Miss Puerto Rico, Tylasiah Russel; Princess, Jessica Christina Diaz; Condesa, Alexi Gaetan; Miss Puerto Rico, Alexandra Hernandez; Princess, Maria Canales; and Condesa, Alia Paige Rosario.

Ms. DeSoto remarked that she was “thrilled to be honoroed along with so many other fine people of Puero Rican decent.”

Puerto Rican Heritage Festival Press Release

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