Karen DeSoto gets a rating of A

Karen DeSoto Gets an ‘A’ Rating

Karen DeSoto gets an ‘A’ as a professor. According to her students  she gets a rating of 3.5 of 5 for helpfulness, 3.8 for clarity, and 4.3 for easiness.  She also gets a “hotness'” rating of a hot chile pepper.

Karen joined the staff of New Jersey City University [located in Jersey City, New Jersey] in the political science department in 2013. She also serves as co-Director of the Institute for Dispute Resolution at the Business School.

Since 2000 Karen DeSoto has been an on-air legal analyst proving legal insights to high profile trials in the news. She draws on her past experiences as a prosecutor, public defender, and lawyer in private practice to offer insights to the viewing public and demystify the complicated legal system for their better understanding of what is happening in these cases, and why.

To many in the general viewing population the law can be confusing — why did the judge do what he did; why do the attorneys for the persecution and defense  do what they do, and what their strategies are for doing them.

Karen’s job as a legal analyst is to explains these action in layman terms, not only for the viewing public, but the news show commentators as well.

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